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"Book 4 will be coming out on October 3rd" but still I’m here after the third season like




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book 4 trailer is gonna drop this week i can feel it in my bones

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Korra's Hair Evolution

As you most of you can tell, I am obsessed with Korra’s new bob cut. This took way longer than it should’ve because the second from the top Korra was cut off the on the poster so I had to do ponytail surgery and cut off and copy the first ponytail and place on the second. Sorry its so low quality, tumblr stretched it, I’m trying to fix it.

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i felt like this was really appropriate.

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We definitely don’t have another series planned, but I think this universe that we cracked open 11 years ago, I think it will always draw us back in, throughout the years, and I think it’s still an inspiring place for us to create and we have various other ideas…

Bryan Konietzko [x]

I’m seeing a lot of sad people and sad posts so I just wanted to remind you all that this is probably not the last we’ll be seeing of the universe that’s brought us together over the years.

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bumi and kyaaaaa

guessing their age difference from that family photo, if bumi is 10 years older than tenzin, he’s 10-11 in that photo and kya looks like 2 so idk i guess a strapping 16 year old bumi and 8 year old kya lol

actual brotp doe

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